Prof. Simone Montangero

Simone has started the library back in 2006 as DMRG library with his collaborators. Today, he wonders if any of the original lines of codes have survived the past 15 years.

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Daniel Jaschke

Daniel works on the simulation of the Schrödinger equation for many-body system and works mostly with Quantum Green Tea and the lower-level libraries as well as on the CI/CD side of Quantum Tea.

Marco Ballarin

Marco works on the emulation of Quantum Computers through tensor network algorithms and is the main developer of Quantum Matcha Tea. He also works on the lower-level libraries and the Python interfaces.

Alice Pagano

Alice works mostly with the lower-level libraries as the Quantum Red Tea and on the simulation of open quantum systems. She develops as well the machine learning library Quantum Chai Tea.

Nora Reinić

Nora is working on the implementation and improvement of tensor network algorithms within the Quantum Green Tea library. Moreover, she developed the tree tensor operator framework for finite temperature simulations within Quantum Tea Leaves.

Lisa Zangrando

Lisa is an INFN Technologist and is working to provide our QuantumTEA emulator as a Cloud Service named QuantumTEA-as-a-Service.

Timo Felser

Timo has driven the development of the current tree tensor network and augmented tree tensor network simulation framework, which now is part of the Quantum Green Tea.

Davide Rattacaso

Daniele Ottaviani


Sara Marzella

Sara is working together with the Quantum TEA team on the HPC integration on Cineca clusters.

Asmita Datta

Asmita is contributing to the development of a tensor network based quantum computing (QC) emulator suited for a High Performance Computing environment and developing benchmarks for the QC platform by implementing lattice gauge theories (LGTs).

Rocco Borač

Rocco is currently working on developing a parallel tree tensor network algorithm for the Quantum Tea Leaves library. He is also involved in writing a software paper about the Quantum Green Tea library.

Luka Pavesic

Ferdinand Tschirsich

Ferdinand has developed the Abelian symmetry tensor library together with many other low-level modules of the Quantum Tea library.

Gabriella Bettonte

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